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Welcome Aboard

The Tall Ship is a 245' vessel turned floating oyster bar moored on Pier One in East Boston. 

The ship features three custom-built mahogany bars, built around the grand mast, and forward and aft of the shift while guests enjoy uninterrupted views of the city skyline and harbor.

The galley kitchen will offer local oysters, shellfish, and charcuterie boards. 

About Pier One

Alongside the majestic tall ship, Navy Yard Hospitality has activated and built out the pier into a 40,000 sq ft waterfront experience that will feature live entertainment, retail, food vendors, food trucks, pop-ups, and more!

A tall ship is a large, traditionally-rigged sailing vessel. Popular modern tall ship rigs include topsail schooners, brigantines, brings, and barques. "Tall ship" can also be defined more specifically by an organization, such as for a race or festival. Wikipedia

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